5G-NR / CBRS / DAS / OSP / Fiber

Tired of Contingency and RPO Recruiting firms who deliver active job board candidates and repeat Linkedin searches that usually result in “C players”? Trust the seasoned executive search consultants of NexGen who you can retain with success-based search fees and have 25+ years expertise in Wireless Infrastructure including: 5G-NR, CBRS, in-building wireless DAS, Small-Cell, OSP/Fiber, site acquisition and tower services.

5G antennas and GSM transmitters. Concept for high speed 5G internet.

Why NextGen?

We recruit “A players” – those who are too busy being successful with their current employer and have no interest in reading job postings. Our expertise focuses on recruiting C-level, functional leaders and filling key roles for companies that build and support 5G mobile network operators and private networks. We back up each placement with an industry leading 24 to 36 months replacement guarantee. We utilize data driven AI to assess these “A” candidates we unearth. We deliver a shortlist of candidates that will

  • Meet your expectations
  • Exceed the objectives of the role
  • Assimilate quickly as we use psychometric based team fit analysis
  • Produce quickly
  • Attain longer retention

We provide contract staffing services as well should your business needs require this structure. We have the proper insurances including a multi-million dollar policy for both General Liability and Workers Compensation. We offer our contract employees weekly direct deposits, per-diem cash cards (if travel is required), and Health Benefits.

Russell Leibowitz - Partner

Russell brings 24 years as a Recruiting expert in the Wireless Telecom industry. Recruited out of College in 1997, Russell started his career in Telecom staffing with one of the largest Recruiting companies in the world, Aerotek. He possesses a broad knowledge of both wireline & wireless technologies from PBX/CentralOffice days to current including: Small-Cell, DAS, OSP/FIBER, & Tower verticals.

Charles Moore

Charles Moore

DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless

Introductory Chat on Executive Search services with NextGen. Review the descriptions below to choose the team member that best fits your needs.

Charles Moore

Charles Moore

Orlando, FL

Executive Search Consultation

Discuss your C-level, functional leadership, or key staffing needs in 5G MNOs, infrastructure manufacturing and ORAN / VRAN systems and solutions, embedded wireless and SEMIs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DAS and iBS, towers, IoT data / devices / networks, and Digital Transformation (customer experience, enterprise and B2C customer data platforms).

Craig Hufford

Craig Hufford

Chicago, IL

Executive Search Consultation
Aerospace – Aviation & Power Electronics

Discuss your C-level, functional leadership, or key staffing needs for aircraft electrical power generation systems, aviation cabin and in-seat power supplies and converters, More Electric Aircraft (MEA) , power electronics in medical devices, aerospace, and wireless, plus aerospace precision parts manufacturing.

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

San Francisco, CA

Executive Search Consultation
AI – Data Science & Autonomous Vehicles

Discuss your recruitment needs for C-level, functional leadership, and hard-to-fill roles in Artificial Intelligence applications and platforms that use deep / machine learning, neutral networks, computer vision, augmented / virtual reality, data science / analytics PLUS Autonomous Vehicles technology (aviation, automotive, drones, VTOL/eVTOL).

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