At Most Recruiting Firms You Are Just A Number On A Whiteboard. At NextGen, We’re Committed To "Rolling Our Sleeves Up" to Secure Qualified “A” Players NOT Found on Saturated, Recycled Job Boards, Where Over 90% of Contingency Recruiters Waste Your Time & Money!

Tired of B and C level candidates? So are we. We only deal with “A Players” the cream of the crop in their industry. Backed by our industry leading replacement guarantee, hiring NextGen is as close to a sure thing as you can find

Experts in Recruiting C-Level, Functional Leaders, and Key Roles in Wireless

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

I turned to Russell & his team to help us hire 75 Technicians for our new Tower/Macro division. I worked closely with Russell to customize an aggressive hiring plan. Huge Success! I can't say enough about our partnership with Russell Liebowitz & his team.
Chuck West
Sr. Project Manager
Russell Liebowitz and his team have been instrumental in our hiring efforts for Public Safety DAS Field Resources. We have hired (8) phenomenal Technicians and Supervisors who have all helped grow our top line. I highly recommend Russell..
Shelly Geske
Shelly Geske
CEO - Qypsys
In 2020 we had an aggressive hiring initiative for RF Integrators. I was thoroughly impressed with Russell's attention to detail & pointed questions regarding our specific hiring needs. Within 2 weeks he secured a high level qualified RF Integrator to join our team.
Jose Bernier
Division Manager Atlas Solutions

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Russell Liebowitz

Rusell Liebowitz


Russell has 24 years experience as a Recruiting expert in the Wireless Telecom industry, he is known for cultivating strong client relationships

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Charles Moore

Charles Moore

DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless

Introductory Chat on Executive Search services with NextGen. Review the descriptions below to choose the team member that best fits your needs.

Charles Moore

Charles Moore

Orlando, FL

Executive Search Consultation

Discuss your C-level, functional leadership, or key staffing needs in 5G MNOs, infrastructure manufacturing and ORAN / VRAN systems and solutions, embedded wireless and SEMIs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DAS and iBS, towers, IoT data / devices / networks, and Digital Transformation (customer experience, enterprise and B2C customer data platforms).

Craig Hufford

Craig Hufford

Chicago, IL

Executive Search Consultation
Aerospace – Aviation & Power Electronics

Discuss your C-level, functional leadership, or key staffing needs for aircraft electrical power generation systems, aviation cabin and in-seat power supplies and converters, More Electric Aircraft (MEA) , power electronics in medical devices, aerospace, and wireless, plus aerospace precision parts manufacturing.

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

San Francisco, CA

Executive Search Consultation
AI – Data Science & Autonomous Vehicles

Discuss your recruitment needs for C-level, functional leadership, and hard-to-fill roles in Artificial Intelligence applications and platforms that use deep / machine learning, neutral networks, computer vision, augmented / virtual reality, data science / analytics PLUS Autonomous Vehicles technology (aviation, automotive, drones, VTOL/eVTOL).

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