Craig Hufford

Managing Partner

NextGen Team member Craig Hufford is a top level retained executive search consultant in aerospace power systems, aviation IFEC, and VIP aircraft. Craig is a workhorse who unearths, recruits, assesses, and delivers the right candidates each time. Craig has over 30 years of experience having built two search firms in telecom / wireless and aerospace.  Craig is a Managing Partner of the NextGen team and contributes his extra time to charitable activities.

Craig Hufford, Executive Search Recruiter NextGen Team
NextGen Team, Charles Moore, AI and IoT retained search recruiter

Charles Moore

Managing Partner

NextGen Team member Charles Moore brings with him a solid history of 25+ years in retained executive search consulting, Charles recruits C-level executives and VP / Director functional leaders for clients in mobile networks, wireless infrastructure, semiconductors, and Internet of Things data and devices.  Known for unearthing  potential candidates other search firms cannot find. Charles is a leader of the NextGen team having built three successful search firms and is a pioneer in behavioral interview techniques.  

Martin Cooper


Martin Cooper has over 25 years of experience finding elusive and uniquely qualified leaders for organizations all over the world. Martin's strength is in understanding the intangibles that make the connection between candidates and clients so powerful and memorable. Martin is privileged to lead the NextGen Executive search practice in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Autonomous Vehicle engineering. Martin specializes in technologies focused on using AI to augment human interactions to produce truly disruptive outcomes. Previous experience includes founding a leading engineering recruitment company.

NextGen Team, Charles Moore, AI and IoT retained search recruiter
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