Aerospace & Autonomous Vehicles

The NextGen Aerospace and Autonomous Vehicles retained executive search consultants unearth, assess, and deliver “A players” for clients worldwide who design / develop drones, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), next generation aircraft and space  vehicles, business jet cabin and in-seat power supplies, ground and space based systems; urban air mobility (VTOL / EVTOL), flight controls / dynamics, sensor fusion, and perception used in Autonomous Vehicles Technology.

Aerospace and Aviation
Urban Air Mobility Cargo

NextGen Success based Retained Search

NextGen leads the way in the Aerospace industry with client assignments engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of aerospace power electronics and aviation transportation systems.

  • DRONES: commercial / military including AI driven VR and AR
  • EVTOL / EVTOL: electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles / autonomous 
  • IFEC: in-flight entertainment, wireless connectivity 5G / 6G / SatCom
  • POWER MANAGEMENT: primary / secondary conversion for cabin 
  • TECHNOLOGIES: sensors / radar, GNSS flight navigation
  • URBAN AIR MOBILITY: automated transportation that operates and transport passengers / cargo at lower altitudes within urban / suburban areas.
Craig Hufford

Craig Hufford - Managing Partner

Craig is a top level retained executive search consultant; a workhorse who unearths, recruits, assesses, and delivers the right candidates each time. Craig has over 30 years of experience having built two search firms in telecom / wireless and aerospace. Craig is a Managing Partner of the NextGen team and contributes his extra time to charitable activities

Charles Moore

Charles Moore

DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless
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