Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Many public and private companies are investing in Autonomous R&D which includes GNC, flight controls/ dynamics, sensor fusion, and perception for UAV’s, VTOL, eVTOL, automotive, marine, and transportation. 

NextGen Global Executive Search is retained by startups, mod-cap, and global conglomerates who are developing and launching self-driving cars, urban air mobility solutions, autonomous delivery systems and many more, which are attracting all time high levels of innovation and funding.


Why NextGen?

Our Autonomous Vehicle Technology team have been in your shoes. To grab a share of this exploding market, it is more important than ever to win in AVT talent acquisition.  You have to hire the very best C-level and functional leadership available before your competition does. 

NextGen consistently identifies and delivers impactful corporate decision makers and outstanding individual contributors. We have the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations with speed, and accuracy.

Martin Cooper - Partner

Martin Cooper has over 25 years of experience finding elusive and uniquely qualified leaders for organizations all over the world. Martin is privileged to lead the NextGen Executive search practice in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Autonomous Vehicle engineering. Martin specializes in technologies focused on using AI to augment human interactions to produce truly disruptive outcomes.

Charles Moore

Charles Moore

DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless
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