Candidate of Significance Overview

The following information name, email, phone is for NextGen internal records. As we market profiles of exceptional talent, the client only sees the profile. They then let us know they are interested, and we will call you to discuss the opportunity and acquire your authorization to set up an interview.
  • Describe why a hiring manager should consider you in 50 words or less. This will take some time to think about. Please DO NOT rehash and use your objective at the top of your resume.
  • Can be current but preferred title is best. Do NOT exaggerate- if you are a Lead and want a leap to Director that is fantasy. Be realistic
  • Only over the last 7 years. Do not mention current or former employers.
  • If sales, customer success, or product management/marketing, that is external as in titles and industry sectors (no names please); if internal customers only, what groups/departments
  • Please list quotas, targets, deliverables, and performance as related to sales cycles, deliverables timelines, over or under budget. Also list team sizes you managed directly; if not true, list titles or teams you are mentoring and how
  • Again, do not mention employers here
  • What you make now is of no concern – what do you need in cash side. Example $150k base +xx& in (bonus and/or commission) DO NOT add total cash comp as single number