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Known for “finding a needle in a haystack”, we are often called when other search firms have failed to produce. Below is a small number of recruitment case studies that showcase and document why we are a step above in retained executive search success. Our team utilizes the award-winning “Leadership Vault” to deliver shortlisted candidates who are a role / team fit, have documented KPIs and strong industry relationships, as well as can meet or exceed the objectives of the role he/she is being considered for.

executive retained search sigfox-usa

VP Network Engineering

Excellent recruitment case studies include NextGen to seek an entrepreneurial people person who loves getting things done efficiently. .

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CEO Power Transformers

Task was to replace an interim CEO for a mid-cap manufacturer with two facilities in the United States, each with 60 FTE, the company has very positive CE

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executive retained search broadmark-capital

CEO for Broadband

Broadmark Capital invested in a wireless broadband manufacturer in Anchorage, Alaska. The need was for a COO with a proven track record

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Dali Wireless

VP Engineering RF

Dali Wireless retained Charles Moore to identify and recruit candidates for a newly created VP of Engineering for RF Components role.

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Chief Engineer Aerospace

This was a tough role to fill as the client admitted there was less than a dozen likely candidates worldwide who would fit the requirements

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executive retained search ddc

Sr. PLM Director

The target candidates had to be experts in the commercial side of the SSPC as this was going to be key & could not afford to make a mistake.

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executive retained search sigfox-usa

IoT Devices Sr Director

Retained a second time by Sigfox to recruit for a new role for an IoT devices Sr Director, global ecosystem partner development expert

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Charles Moore

Charles Moore

DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless
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