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With a solid team of executive search consultants with backgrounds in recruiting within AI, IoT, cyber security, and SaaS, NextGen is retained by companies ranging from startups to global conglomerates as trusted advisors to identify, assess, and deliver “A players” for C-level and functional leadership roles within Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, CDP and DMP, and Digital Innovation. 

We build successful leaders and teams that develop DX strategies and CX applications, platforms, and services that elevate the customer experience and workforce productivity for hospitality and casinos, retail and ecommerce, law enforcement, smart cities, industrial manufacturing, aviation, sporting, and events. 


Why NextGen?

The NextGen executive search consulting team has deep expertise in Digital , Customer Experience, and CDP applications and markets. We consistently identify, recruit, and deliver corporate decision makers and functional leaders who are influencers and help your company to build, grow, and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

NextGen provides retained executive search in DX, CX, and CDP technologies including cloud computing, big data visualization, IoT data, Ai and machine learning to enable higher productivity and enable workforces an teams to more collaboration, reduce COGS, and elevate customer experience.

Charles Moore - Managing Partner

Charles brings with him a solid history of 25+ years in retained executive search consulting. Known for unearthing potential candidates other search firms cannot find. Charles is a leader of the NextGen team having built three successful search firms and is a pioneer in behavioral interview techniques.

Get On Our Radar

Please understand that we are a retained executive search firm who works on behalf of clients in succession bench, confidential, and non-confidential retained executive search.

What we look for in a potential candidate: If you are considered an “A player” – part of the top 10% of the workforce that produce 8 to 10 times more than the 35% of “B players”, and you have made significant impacts in an industry you work within – as a leader in one of the following areas outlined below, we want to talk to you.

Corporate Leadership – (entire P&L, develop and lead strategy, investor relationships, increase shareholder value, high impact speaker)

Engineering – (lead R&D full life-cycle, developed new IP and products/services successful in the marketplace, reducing COGS, new UI/UX, financial modeling for P&L, staff retention)

Sales / Business Development – (revenue rainmaking, increased market share, increased profit margins, revitalizing markets)

We look forward to speaking with you.

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    Charles Moore

    Charles Moore

    DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless
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