Digital Transformation &

Industrial Automation

NextGen connects daily with the very top players in
these rapidly evolving universes, empowering you to
hire A+ players in digital transformation and industrial
automation to accomplish undreamed of goals.

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Digital Transformation

​With a background in Ai, IoT, and cloud computing, our team in deeply engaged with SMB to large conglomerates in advising and staffing of “A players” in key critical roles that build and implement digital transformation. From corporate strategy such as CDO and CIO levels, we understand how Ai, IoT, cloud computing, and big data visualization are used to build a successful digital and business transformation team to avoid the failure rate if so many DX strategies

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation retained executive search from NextGen’s recruitment market expertise consistently identify and deliver key talent in sales and engineering that are influencers with the experience and expertise to enable your company to sustain your business and stay competitive in the global marketplace for robotics process automation, supply chain management, Industrial IoT, M2M sensors, and LED lighting


Kelley Reinhardt brings 20+ years of experience to the team as an executive search consultant in mobile telecom and business transformation, plus as a corporate talent acquisition leader in industrial automation. Kelley provides in depth knowledge of how these items are driving all aspects of industrial markets including manufacturing, engineering, product management, sales, and business development. Kelley is an expert at developing key relationships and closing candidates.