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Diversity in Leadership

NextGen has long endeavored to identify and recruit diversity candidates. With a unique AI based tool that identifies diversity candidate images across Linkedin and the Internet, we ensure that inclusion of diverse senior executive and functional leaders who are women and minorities from different races / cultures

Diversity and Inclusion

For more than 30 years, Nextgen has harnessed the power of actionable data, AI machine learning algorithms, and a deep referral network to make the diversity recruitment process smarter to yield better results. Our diversity and inclusion (D&I) retained executive talent acquisition services are designed to empower more women and minorities into the executive realm.

Many diverse executives, as top performing “A players”, will not self-identify and prefer to succeed based on their own initiatives rather than their gender or race as a “token diversity hire”. Many companies fail in diversity and inclusion as their method is to attempt to attract candidates based primarily changing the makeup of the senior executive team or functional leadership roles. This is always a mistake as top performers want to be recruited based in their talent. Many are very-well paid, realizing that companies hire them for their diversity, and as such, they “hold the cards” and demand greater compensation than non-diversity candidates.

How to Utilize Diversity Candidates

Many male dominated industries, such as telecom and aerospace, have always been male dominated in workforces and leadership. But the world has changed. In North America, women graduate with more advanced STEM degrees than men. They are also, by nature, far better than men at multi-tasking. The other advantage is they are BEST at guiding companies to advance a work / life balance that enables better production and longer retention.

The population is also changing. Many people from different cultures ranging from Latino to African to Asian to Middle Eastern have been growing while Caucasians are declining. This means both your customer base as well as investors and vendors are diversifying; therefore your workforce needs to reflect that reality. Those who welcome change will outperform competitors in the global marketplace

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