How to Get Your Key Employees Retention Rate Way Up

NextGen Global Executive Search
NextGen Global Executive Search

What Went Wong?

Poor time management?
Orientation disguised as onboarding?
Slow assimilation and slow productivity?

Team Fit Aanalysis

Learn why Ai based psychometrics is so essential in how potential new hires affect Team Dynamics

Alleviate the High Costs of Bad Hires and Miss-Hires

Cost to replace $150k + loss of time
C-level replacement average $550k PLUS
Lost revenues/market share + poor CX

Quick Assimilation
Faster Productivity
Longer Retention

Custom onboarding plan designed specifically for the new hire to make sure he/she will not only meet, but exceed your expectations
NextGen Global Executive Search

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Charles Moore

Charles Moore

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How to Evaluate an Executive Search Firm
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