Retained Executive Search

We start by listening to the specific needs of our clients in the Discovery Step to understand your strategy, the role opportunity, and use SMARTe techniques to determine the short and long term objectives of a role.

Our innovative retained executive search solution includes identifying the unique team culture from the  stakeholders of the role, develops a custom search strategy, unearth, assess, document, and deliver a shortlist of “A players” that:


Providing four decades of successful executive search ranging from confidential Succession Bench to replace corporate senior executives to retained search for C-level and functional leaders. NextGen Global Executive Search is one of the top producing retained recruitment firms.

We are driven to identify, recruit, assess, and deliver “A players” who create and implement business strategy, solve problems, meet and exceed a role’s objectives, and bring more success for your business.

NextGen’s expertise is working with startups, pre-IPO, mid-cap high growth, VC and PE backed firms, and spin-offs of global conglomerates. Our reputation of success in retained executive search for clients is unrivaled

  • Search process used for BoD, CXO, & E/S-VP levels
  • Compares internal vs. external candidates
  • NDAs are used for each candidate uncovered by us
  • In-person interviews video recorded
  • Comprehensive background check
  • Part of fee paid in 12 months as MBOs are met

Introductory Chat on Executive Search services with NextGen. Review the descriptions below to choose the team member that best fits your needs.

Charles Moore

Charles Moore

Orlando, FL

Executive Search Consultation

Discuss your C-level, functional leadership, or key staffing needs in 5G MNOs, infrastructure manufacturing and ORAN / VRAN systems and solutions, embedded wireless and SEMIs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DAS and iBS, towers, IoT data / devices / networks, and Digital Transformation (customer experience, enterprise and B2C customer data platforms).

Craig Hufford

Craig Hufford

Chicago, IL

Executive Search Consultation
Aerospace – Aviation & Power Electronics

Discuss your C-level, functional leadership, or key staffing needs for aircraft electrical power generation systems, aviation cabin and in-seat power supplies and converters, More Electric Aircraft (MEA) , power electronics in medical devices, aerospace, and wireless, plus aerospace precision parts manufacturing.

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

San Francisco, CA

Executive Search Consultation
AI – Data Science & Autonomous Vehicles

Discuss your recruitment needs for C-level, functional leadership, and hard-to-fill roles in Artificial Intelligence applications and platforms that use deep / machine learning, neutral networks, computer vision, augmented / virtual reality, data science / analytics PLUS Autonomous Vehicles technology (aviation, automotive, drones, VTOL/eVTOL).

Charles Moore

Charles Moore

DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless
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