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Candidate Overview

Stephen-PaulJune 29, 2017: NextGen Global Executive Search proudly announces a recently completed executive placement. Stephen Paul formally accepted the position as the Chief Executive Officer at Grand Power Systems (GTI/Warner).

Stephen Paul joins Grand Power brining an extensive leadership Background in the manufacturing of electrical transformers, value added magnetic solutions and specialty switchgear for the commercial industrial and industrial OEM markets.

As a change agent, his unique capability is in conceptualizing and expanding market share while also reducing overall costs. Stephen will be responsible for leadership, formulating an effective market and business strategy for both GTI and Warner Power, and leading the companies into the future in electrical power systems.

Stephen’s most recent experience includes serving as COO for Pioneer Power Solutions and prior 3 years as Director off Sales for Jefferson Electric. He holds a BSME from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Edgewood College. He is also an avid pilot.

Client Overview

Grand Power Systems Inc is a U.S. based, manufacturer of engineered electrical products creating solutions for the commercial OEM and industrial end use markets. Their customers include Fortune 500 Companies in the Data Center, Drives, Elevator, Machine Tool, Ground Power, and Glass Manufacturing industries. At GPS, their purpose is to provide the best solution for you. With a focus on engineering support during the application, design, and prototyping phases of development, our goal, is to deliver the best solution for your specific application.

GTI was established by K.C. Retzlaff in 1948. It was operated as a proprietorship under the name of Precision Transformer located in Muskegon, Michigan, USA. In 1951, the company was moved to Grand Haven, Michigan and incorporated under the name Grand Transformers Incorporated. As a result of K.C.’s love for amateur radio and his interest in electrical “tinkering,” GTI has grown to become a ‘World Class Manufacturer’ of inductive components.

Over the years, GTI has purchased several magnetics companies and consolidated operations into the Grand Haven location which expanded our product offerings and customer base.

Today, GTI is a well-known international manufacturer of custom and specialty inductive components providing products to many Fortune 100 OEM’s. GTI is ISO 9001 compliant, modern, and a testament to the dedicated service of our many associates, suppliers, and loyal customers. February 8th, 2016 brings about a new chapter. GTI has acquired New Hampshire-based Warner Power, a provider of engineered power conversion products and services.

GPS customers’ include fortune 500 companies in the drives, elevator, machine tool, ground power, data center and glass manufacturing industries.

At GPS our purpose is to provide the right solution for your needs. With a focus on engineering support during the application, design, and prototyping phases of development, our goal, is to deliver the best solution for your specific application.

Grand Transformer

GTI is an ISO certified custom manufacturer of inductive components including power transformers, reactors and chokes. GTI specializes in providing dry type custom products that meet the unique requirements of OEM’s in a variety of markets.

Warner Power

Warner provides highly engineered power conversion products, magnetics, and services to improve process reliability and efficiency for a broad range of industries worldwide.

Power Conversion products Include:

– SCR based rectifiers and inverters
– Switch mode power supplies
– Saturable core reactor power systems

Control and Lighting Products:

– Termiflex line of hand held industrial controllers
– Daykin maintenance bypass switches
– Specialty lighting ballasts

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