Blockchains and Cryptocurrency Retained Executive Search

NextGen’s blockchains and cryptocurrency practice consistently identifies, assess, and delivers “A players” – the top 10% performers at C-level and functional leadership for clients worldwide who build applications that go far beyond financial transactions as solutions to solve business problems.

Within the growing metaverse including Sandbox, Mirandus, and Decentraland platforms and dozens of crypto exchanges, anyone acquire cryptocurrency includes Bitcoin, Ether, BAT, NEO, BNB, TRON, EOS, Ripple, MANO, Dash Coin, Kyber Networks, OX, TTN, Icon, and more. Trust the experienced NextGen cryptocurrency executive search consultants.


FinTech Retained Executive Search

Key disruptions enable solutions to challenges. In the NextGen retained executive search methodology, we perform a Porter’s Five Forces analysis on what a client offers including competitive market analysis to anticipate potential areas for risks and opportunities. With FinTech and blockchains, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in deep learning and neural networks.  Our focus includes: 

  • Mobile Payments: secure fingerprint-initiated Android / Apple / Linux based transaction
  • NFTs: non-fungible token / digital asset that represents ownership of art, video clips, music, etc.
  • Robo Advising: automated algorithm-driven passive indexing strategies optimized via MPT
  • P2P Lending: crowdlending and crowdfunding applications
  • Wealth Management: digital investment solutions tools that offer investors a wide range of savings and investment products.

Charles Moore - Managing Partner

Charles has 28+ years in retained executive search consulting. Known for “finding the needle in the haystack”, Charles was an early adopter of recruiting and specializing in blockchains and cryptocurrenices, having successfully recruited CXOs, SVPs, EVPS, and VPs for FinTech and the meta universe. 

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