Wireless Executive Search

With a distinguished history led by one of the industry’s leading wireless recruiters, NextGen has deep relationships with key movers and shakers in the wireless ecosystem.

We unearth, assess, and deliver ONLY “A Players”—the top 10% performers – in C-level and functional leadership roles for clients in 5G RAN and ORAN infrastructure, MNOs and private mesh networks, 6G R&D, wireless semiconductors, enterprise mobility, IoT data and devices, and cyber wireless..

NextGen Global Executive Search
NextGen Global Executive Search

NextGen Wireless Recruiters

Client choose NextGen because they want decision makers who are born influencers, pioneers, persuaders, and evangelists whose traits enable your company to build, grow, and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Clients trust NextGen to assess and deliver leaders who will MEET or EXCEED your EXPECTATIONS in sales / business development, engineering / product management, strategy and ecosystem partner development.

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