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One of the top 20 AI scientists, cross-functional leadership role to deliver solutions in data science, Ai bots, RPA, NLP, program synthesis. Desire to disrupt education sector developing intelligent tutoring systems in programming / mathematics.

Martin Cooper
Presented By: Martin Cooper

Candidate Title

Senior Director VP Research Management


Artificial Intelligence

Accomplishments and Career Highlights

World’s leading Research Expert in the following areas of disruptive significance:
Intent-understanding / Programming by Examples and Natural Language: This new frontier in AI enables automation of repetitive tasks & provides 10-100x productivity increase in many domains.

Killer applications include Data wrangling (data scientists spend up to 80% time cleaning data), Robotic Process Automation (enables business users to automate mundane rule-based processes), Application Migration (developers spend 40% time in repetitive code edits).

Intelligent Tutoring Systems: automated feedback generation and problem generation for various subject domains (Math, Programming, Language learning) to enable personalized learning. Some of tools in this space have been deployed at 10+ Universities.

Hired diverse team of 15 engineers to develop program synthesis technologies, Program Committee member for 20+ conferences. Participated in several NSF panels and DARPA ISAT meetings.

P&L, Budgets, or Sales Performance

Has managed budget and funding for direct reports (of the order $10M/year) including the overall headcount allocation between full-time researchers, engineers, vendors, interns and other expenses including computing resources, travel, and morale.

Relevant Skills and Experiences

Too may tools, open source, and software to list; considered one of the top 20 in AI and data science. Can provide over 20 videos and several dozen links to patents and keynote speaking engagements, Programming-by-natural-language for spreadsheets and smartphones.

Principle focus is effectiveness in driving impact for customer connection, framework-based design & development, using research & engineering together and utilizing cross-disciplinary research that combines Machine Learning algorithms with logical reasoning techniques.

Depth of Industry Contacts & Relationships

Customers at the C-levels of Fortune 500 companies and various startups on AI-based innovations. Connected with top VC firms in the Silicon Valley, many who have tried to get this candidate to initiate startups in the areas of data science or robot

Education and Certifications

Ph.D., Computer Science, Awarded distinguished national Doctoral Dissertation Award, 4 Distinguished/Best Paper Awards

Type of Opportunity Open to:

Seeking a cross-organizational executive leadership role leveraging unique research expertise in AI to deliver significant business value. Have built tools/solutions for data wrangling, data science, robotic process automation, personalized assistants, application migration, machine learning, program synthesis by natural language.

Excited about disrupting the education sector through development of intelligent tutoring systems programming, language learning, and mathematics.

Location Current & Preferred

Seattle; open to relocation to high tech area USA, Western Europe, India

Compensation Desired

$750k in cash compensation (base + incentive bonuses) annual

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