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What We Do

Our expertise as a leading retained executive search firm is focused on VC backed startups, pre-IPO, PE-backed / privately held, and publicly traded mid-cap companies with less than 1500 employees.

We are a client centric, building C-level senior executive and functional leadership teams, as well as hard-to-fill non-management roles for long-term success.  We serve clients worldwide in high tech markets.

Artificial Intelligence

We unearth “A players” and hidden gems. Equipped with expertise in artificial intelligence, computer vision, data science, machine learning, neural networks, prompt engineering, and mobile applications, we help propel your company onto the path of innovation and growth.

Orbital and Space

Whether your Orbital and Space company manufactures business jets power supplies; designs autonomous vehicles such as drones, VTOL/EVTOL: or launching space-borne rockets, we’ve got you covered. With NextGen, you gain a strategic partner committed to your success.

FinTech and Blockchains

We unearth exceptional talent in FinTech and deliver a benchmark comparison using a meticulous Porter’s Five Forces analysis .  From blockchains and cryptocurrencies to WealthTech and RegTech, NextGen delivers new hires that enable you to gain a competitive edge. 

CyberPhysical Systems

Elevate your Cyber Physical Systems strategy and products/services portfolio with NextGen Global Executive Search. We unearth “A players” in robotics, IIoT, ICS, smart grid, SCM, CX, DX, data centers, and CPSSEC. With NextGen, you don’t just adapt to the future, you define it!

Wireless and IoT

Unleash the power of NextGen’s IoT data/devices and wireless ecosystems executive search. Our respected practice leader maintains influential relationships worldwide, specializing in discovering ‘A Players’ for 5G/ORAN infrastructure, MNOs, IoT/private mesh networks, 6G R&D, SEMIs. enterprise mobility, and cyber wireless. Why settle for less when you can retain the best?


Don’t gamble your vital roles on contingency search firms where each recruiter juggles 20-25 job orders at once?
The NextGen approach is comprehensive, offering detailed candidate profiles, role/team fit analysis, competency evaluations, relevant accomplishments, and uncoached video introductions. Plus a free, custom onboarding plan that fast tracks productivity, enhancing quick assimilation and longer retention. Opt for excellence with the industry’s leading 2-to-3-year replacement guarantee. Retained search isn’t just a choice, it’s an investment in your business success!

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Pioneers and Persuaders share similarities such as the need for responsibility, authority, independence, persistence, and decisiveness. Entrepreneurs, often pioneers, are risk-takers who disrupt industries with innovative ideas, using a logical and analytical approach.

Conversely, Persuaders are optimistic communicators who thrive in leading teams, taking risks, and moving quickly from one project to another. The video examines whether you need a Pioneer or Persuader as an Influencer.

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Testimonials from Clients

Our specialty as a boutique retained executive search firm is startups, pre-IPO, VC backed or PE owned, and publicly traded companies with 1200 or less employees.  We build executive teams and functional leadership as well as hard-to-fill roles. 

Review our client testimonials by scrolling to the right and see how NextGen Global Executive Search has brought forward new hires that meet or exceed expectations and objectives.. 

Frank Bloomfield
Frank BloomfieldVP, Data Device Corp.
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"Craig has been invaluable in identifying high-quality candidates for a role which we struggled to fill. His persistence in understanding your needs and the ability to match his talented pool of high-quality professionally screened candidates is second to none"
Matthew Kapp
Matthew KappFounder, Digital Media
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Charles has undertaken a number of assignments for me. I found Charles delivers a rigorous approach, has strong sector expertise and gets results. I have no hesitation in recommending his services
James Jacobellis
James JacobellisSenior Vice President
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"I found the NextGen team to be innovative & dependable with tons of energy. They have my highest recommendation,
Tony Francesca
Tony FrancescaVP/GM - San Francisco, CA
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"The candidates brought forth by Charles resulted in one of the best hires in my career. The new Sr. Director has make significant impacts in accelerating and developing IoT ecosystem partnerships."
Stephen Parker
Stephen ParkerOperating Partner - Grand Haven, MI
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"I have no reservations about recommending NextGen as a retained executive search firm"
Allen Proithis
Allen ProithisBoard of Directors - Boston, MA
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"I found Charles delivers a rigorous approach, has strong sector expertise and gets results."
Nupur Bhargava
Nupur BhargavaDirector of Recruiting, Teleworld Solutions
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I will start by stating what a pleasure it is to work with Russ. I am amazed by his thoroughness, creativity and eye for finding exactly what one is looking for. It's a god gift. I've worked with a lot of recruiting partners but the experience with NextGen was beyond excellence. Russ in on top of his game, rather he's way above it.
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