Retained Search

We start by listening to the specific needs of our clients in the Discovery Step to understand your strategy, the role opportunity, and to determine the short and long term objectives of a role.

 Porter’s Five Forces model

Our innovative retained executive search solution includes identifying the unique team culture from the stakeholders of the role, develops a custom search strategy, unearth, assess, document, and deliver a shortlist of “A players” that:

  • Have relevant experience and accomplishments with similar products and/or services.
  • Are prepared to take on the opportunity.
  • Can MEET or EXCEED the objectives of the role.

We often use Porter’s Five Forces model for roles that affect the overall strategy, product or services major decisions, or roles that have P&L responsibility. It includes Competitive Rivalry, Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Threat of Substitution, and Threat of New Entry.

The model encourages organizations to look beyond direct competitors and, instead, consider broader environmental forces. By understanding these forces, organizations can make more informed decisions, identify areas for improvement and enhance their strategy to enhance their competitive position in the market, as well as their profits.t

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Retained Search

Specific task or Situation: describe the actual task(s) required to meet the objective and/or a specific situation hat needs to be fixed.

Measurable: quantify the indicator of progress and the measurable outcome, including data (facts, figures, dates, percentages).

Action(s) required: define the challenges the role faces, details and the role and decisions expected; identify similar initiatives and challenges that the ideal candidate undertook – how he/she overcame challenges, organized activities, and how the solution was planned, tracked, executed, and the specific results.

NextGen Global Executive Search

Retained Search

Results achieved: define the deliverables and describe how the ideal candidate met the objectives in terms of the overall outcome, or final product/service; the overall quality compared to some important benchmark, and what the person could have done better.

Timeframe to accomplish the task(s)\, how he/she organized the team; when the project took place and how long it took to complete. We then compare this to your plan and how the person ensured the plan was achieved. Describe the makeup of the team he/she may manage; how the person built and managed the team, and how the person influenced the most dominant people on the team.

NextGen Global Executive Search

Retained Search

Environment: NextGen Global Executive Search uses the McQuaig psychometrics analysis system to define either the team culture the role will work with OR the senior executive management team (depending on the role title and daily/weekly interfaces), the resource restraints and support systems; the quality of the working relationships with others on the team, especially with the person’s immediate superior; and how the person dealt with changing circumstances. 

NextGen Global Executive Search

SMARTe techniques.

We look to gather information on the short-term (6 months to 1 year) and the long-term (1 to 3 years) objectives of the role. To do so, we utilize SMARTe techniques. 

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