Custom Onboarding that WORKS!

Imagine a streamlined onboarding process that not only integrates new hires seamlessly into your team but also empowers them to leverage their unique strengths from day one.

With NextGen’s custom onboarding tool, you’re not just filling a position; you’re fostering a path to success. This tool provides personalized development plans that are tailored to an individual’s natural temperament, helping to ignite their potential and manage areas for growth.

The result? A team of highly productive individuals who know how to maximize their talents to the fullest. Remember, exceptional performance isn’t just about having greater intellect or charisma; it’s about harnessing one’s abilities effectively. So, why settle for a standard onboarding when you can customize, optimize, and revolutionize with NextGen?

NextGen Global Executive Search
NextGen Global Executive Search

For the New Hire

For the Hiring Manager

NextGen Global Executive Search
NextGen Global Executive Search

Mentoring and Coaching

Our custom onboarding plan is derived from a combination of psychometric analysis based on the team the new hire integrates into, the new hire themselves, and data on the objectives of the role. It only requires the new hire and the mentor coach to succeed. The results are dramatic, according to a 10-year survey, 94% of NextGen’s placements are retained for a minimum of 5 years and have met or exceeded the objectives. Our custom onboarding will:

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