Flat and Fair Fees

Large retained executive search firms fees are always time-line based, having little regards to meeting performance metrics or the actual hire. It’s 1/3 up front, 1/3 in 30 days, and 1/3 in 90 days. In addition, there is an inherent conflict-of-interest when fees are based on compensation. With NextGen we believe fees should be based on the work involved, the difficulty level, and the resources required to fulfill a successful hire.

Secondly, our fees are performance based. After the initial deposit, the 2nd invoice is paid when the client receives and approves the candidate shortlist by initiating interviews. The final invoice is due upon the actual date that employment commences for the new hire. In fact, we cannot quote the fee until after the Discovery Step is completed.
Accurate, dependable, honest, straight-forward fees. Our average fees for a Succession Bench search range from $150,000 to $250,000. Retained Search averages $75,000 to $150,000, and engagement search ranges from $45,000 to $75,000.

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