Charles Moore

Managing Partner

Charles Moore


Charles brings to the table 28 years as a performance based retained executive search consultant with experience in 4G and 5G Wireless E2E infrastructure, ORAN (radio, distribution, and core) Mobile Networks, IoT Data and Devices, Digital Transformation, and Customer Experience.

Known for “finding the needle in the haystack”, Charles depth of relationships and success has resulted in over $5b in client working with Board of Directors, CXOs, SVPs, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms


Enabling companies to solve business issues by recruiting senior executives and functional leaders in engineering, product management, strategy, sales and business development who:
• improve efficiency
• elevate customer experience
• use Ai driven data for more robust decision making
• build new IP or increase market share




Unearth, assess, and deliver “A players”, the top 10% of the global workforce that produces 8 to 10 times more than “B players”.  SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the “cost-per-hire” by making sure the right candidates are brought forth and hired.

Document KPIs, detail the depth of industry relationships and use AI to determine team fit.

RESULTS:  new hires that MEET or EXCEED the Role Objectives.

Flat fee eliminates the inherent conflict of interest associated with compensation-based search fees.

Backed up by an Industry leading 24 to 36 months replacement guarantee. With a 93% retention rate for placements still working for the client at 4.5 years of service.

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Charles Moore

Charles Moore

DX / CX / CDP IoT & 5G Wireless
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